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  • A

    “They’ve always been very friendly and helpful. My parents have always used them as long as I can remember.

  • BD

    “Have had my vehicle insurance here for the last 7 years and home insurance for the last 3. Best group of people, always happy to help in any way they can and answers any questions. A couple years ago we had a horrific hail storm and Jeff personally called me about 2 hours after to start a claim right away because he knew we had been hit! Would give more than 5 stars if possible.”

  • “Breeden Insurance has exceeded my expectations with their customer service and knowledge of the insurance industry! They have been extremely helpful in explaining and suggesting coverages for my personal auto insurance. I have sincerely enjoyed working with them and highly recommend them!”

  • BS

    “Very friendly staff!”

  • Paula Lineberry Profile Image

    “Breeden Insurance has been handling our company’s insurance needs for as long as I can remember. I have been fortunate to deal with Melissa, Linda and others who are always helpful and give quick and professional service. They also stop by so we can put a face with a name so we are not just a number.

    Thanks Melissa and the Breeden team for always being there.”

  • MM

    “I have been with Breeden Insurance for over 15 years. I have both auto and home policies and have always been satisfied with their customer service.”

  • Becca Harper Profile Image

    “Breeden Insurance has exceeded my expectations with their customer service, products offered (more specifically, low rates) and knowledge of coverages. I have had a superb experience with this reputable insurance agency and highly recommend them. Their staff was nothing short of kind, helpful and fast with their turnaround time. The actual quotes they offered were cheaper than any other agency I have used in the past, saving me more money than I anticipated. And lastly their knowledge of the industry overall was very helpful as they were able to explain coverages easily and were able to recommend different options for me. Overall I am very pleased and impressed by Breeden Insurance and appreciate their hard work and the money they have saved me! They are very obviously a well run, family owned and operated company that I plan on using for years to come!

  • Kingsley Spiller Profile Image

    “Very happy with the easily affordable costs that Breeden Insurance offers when compared to other competitive rates. I have experienced nothing but excellent customer service. Those factors combined equals a happy customer.”